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Mysteel Iron Ore App

· The only available iron ore SMS App in China
· Get the latest metals news on the move: the app is updated with the latest news as it happens throughout the day
· SMS covers from daily trades in China market to monthly China IO Import Volume
· The unique and profound market analysis�?br /> · Access to Mysteel unique survey report
· Mysteel APP now includes pricing information and assessments

Mysteel Iron Ore APP provides you with the latest daily iron ore and iron ore-related market dynamics in time, where macro and micro factors from China and abroad that may impact iron ore prices will be importantly focused and all kinds of raw statistics of iron ore physical/financial market will be distributed by Mysteel`s own surveys and official releases.
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songy@mysteel.com / 021-26093844
gaoxm@mysteel.com / 021-26093838

China Blast Furnace Steel Mills Map 2012

· Full name list of 500 China domestic steel mills equipped with blast furnace. Capacity of Mills listed takes up over 90% of domestic total capacity
· Comprehensive and accurate data: Steel Mills Map contains pig ore output, locations and contact information of all the steel mills.
· The only version which is available in China.

China Blast Furnace Steel Mills Map (the First Edition) provides you with the name list of 500 blast furnace steel mills. The first edition of China Blast Furnace Steel Mills Map (Steel Mills Map, for short) was published in March, 2012. The second edition of Steel Mills Map will focus on the detail information of blast furnace of all the steel mills.
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gxm@mysteel.com.cn +86 21 2609 3838 John Gao
wjp@mysteel.com.cn +86 21 2609 3321 Vincent Wu

2012 China Domestic Iron Ore Producers Map

· Capacity, output, contact information and products specification of iron ore producers.
· Name list, locations and products grades of 500 iron ore producers including miners, pellet plants, beneficiation plants.
· Detail information of large group companies and their subsidiary companies
· Name list of iron ore projects under construction or proposed: 66 iron ore projects under construction or proposed.

China Domestic Iron Ore Producers Map consists of 3 sections: projects maps, name list of Iron Ore Producers and Groups. China Domestic Iron Ore Producers Map provides a detail list of the products, capacity and locations of the enterprises. Large beneficiation plants and pellet plants' information also can be available in the map..
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gxm@mysteel.com.cn +86 21 2609 3838  John Gao
wjp@mysteel.com.cn +86 21 2609 3321  Vincent Wu

Mysteel VIP Message

· 1.Iron Ore Supply Side
· 2.Downstream Industry Production
·3.Industry Stock

Mysteel VIP Message provides you with the iron ore supply side with Miners` Operating Rate and Breakdown of Arrived Shipment at 26 Ports, etc; the downstream industry production with Blast Furnace Operating Rate and Realization Rate of Weekly Production Plan for Five Steel Products, etc; the industry stock with Iron Ore Port Stock and Steel Mills` IO Stock, Days and Hot Metal Cost, etc.
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