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About MetalFocus
MetalFocus is a sub-brand of Mysteel.net, offering tons of professional information for non-ferrous metals industry in China. Since its establishment in 2002, our website has been perfected in a row and become the most influential and authoritative portal to China's non-ferrous metals market.

What we aim to do from the start up is to provide services with fairness, openness, objectivity, and accuracy. As an independent third-party industry intelligence service provider in Shanghai, China, our editorial and research teams keep track of data and informationon and update our website on a daily basis, so that our premium members from all around the world can get access to the most accurate information and data they are most eager to know . ?

MetalFocus Database has historical data for daily market price, transaction, output, imports & exports, operating rates, etc.

The site is one of the most renowned institutions in the non-ferrous metals industry. Through our website and other professional channels, vast amounts of professional information and news are offered in a timely fashion to meet the interests of our users in the finance and metal industries.

In addition, MetalFocus also serves as a platform for our users to interact and share their supply and demand information, we've been approved a successful website to boost business of upstream and downstream enterprises.
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