Mysteel Raw Materials Daily is a newly launched publication which focus on raw materials for whole iron & steel industry chain. We provides daily raw materials index and market price, tracks the real-time industry dynamics and share with you real-time market comments, meanwhile, Mysteel also provides periodically surveys on domestic steel industry.
Key features
  • More than 180 individual market prices and indexes of raw materials and steel products are published everyday
  • Mysteel Iron Ore Index has been widely used as a most important reference for miners in spot and long-term contracts market
  • Provide the latest industry dynamics and surveys on domestic miners, steel mills and ports.
  • Imported Iron Ore Port Stock, (Mt) 41 Sample Ports in China. (Once a week)
  • Steel Mill Iron Ore Stock, (Mt) 64 Sample China based steel mills. (Once every two weeks)
  • Blast Furnace Feed Ingredients Share/ 64 Sample China based steel mills. (Once every two weeks)
  • Domestic Iron Mines Operation Rate/ 70 Sample China domestic iron ore producers. (Once every two weeks)
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