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Market Express
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price increased 20 yuan/tonne     Sep 20 2017
·Zhejiang province orders local mining enterprises to perform safety investigations     Sep 20 2017
·Shanxi's provincial government publishes Zhongshe mine capacity replacement programme    Sep 20 2017
·Sichuan province shuts down 33 coal mines, cuts 3.93Mt of excess capacity    Sep 20 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Sep 20 2017
·Baoding city completes rectification of 6,096 substandard enterprises    Sep 20 2017
·Handan municipal government publishes measures on heavy industry to improve local air quality    Sep 20 2017
·[Sep. 20] Chinese steel traders resolutely hold onto offer prices, despite unseasonably weak downstream demand    Sep 20 2017
·Environmental protection restrictions affect 27.9% of finished steel production in Handan city    Sep 20 2017
·Sichuan Metallurgical Group announces capacity transfer programme    Sep 20 2017
·Hebei province achieves more than 90% of its annual iron & steel capacity reforms in the first eight months of 2017    Sep 20 2017
·Hebei Provincial government criticizes steel mills for environmental contraventions    Sep 19 2017
·Shanxi's pellet producers were ordered to suspend production     Sep 19 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price dipped by 30 yuan/tonne    Sep 19 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Sep 19 2017
·[Sep. 19]Restrictions on domestic iron and steel output in key regions may be tempered by limitations on demand from some end use sectors    Sep 19 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price rebounds by 20 yuan/tonne     Sep 18 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Sep 18 2017
·Supply-side Structural Reform Advanced Steadily and Transformation and Upgrading Produced Significant Results    Sep 18 2017
·Henan releases draft proposal on environmental restrictions during heating season    Sep 18 2017
·China to Hold Government Officials Accountable for Smog Control in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei    Sep 18 2017
·Tangshan orders temporary suspension of local re-rollers to refit operations    Sep 18 2017
·China to send over 100 pollution inspection teams to cities around Beijing    Sep 18 2017
·Xinjiang eliminated 8.1Mtpy of coal capacity by 25th August 2017     Sep 18 2017
·Beijing slaps ban on winter construction in bid to improve air quality    Sep 18 2017
·[Sep. 18] Restrictions on construction activity in northern China spark concern on shrinking steel demand    Sep 18 2017
·China's August Data Shows Economy starts cooling off    Sep 18 2017
·The US economy is likely to suffer temporarily from hurricanes    Sep 18 2017
·Henan Province publishes steel enterprises' 2016 energy consumption results     Sep 15 2017
·Chinese premier stresses implementation of major policies    Sep 15 2017
·China to further supply-side structural reform, cut overcapacity, corporate cost to boost innovation    Sep 15 2017
·Li Keqiang Holds Roundtable with Heads of Major International Economic and Financial Institutions    Sep 15 2017
·Chinese iron ore mine capacity utilization rates decline as two large mines in Shandong and Anhui are taken offline for maintenance    Sep 15 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price dropped by 20 yuan/tonne     Sep 15 2017
·Handan city steel mills ordered to implement sintering & blast furnace output restrictions    Sep 15 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Sep 15 2017
·Shandong Province coke production slow to recover after inspections    Sep 15 2017
·[Sep.15]Higher Chinese rebar inventories partially remove support from domestic prices    Sep 15 2017
·NBS: Chinese crude steel output climbs to record 74.59Mt in August 2017    Sep 15 2017
·Update: Hebei province to upgrade 1,720 open-pit mines    Sep 15 2017
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