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Market Express
·Jianlong Group leases the facilities of Acheng Steel; 220 tonnes steel-producing facilities to resume production in early Nov.    Sep 30 2017
·Inventory at Shandong's iron plants kept low in response to frequent environmental inspections    Sep 30 2017
·Hebei pledges to make the sky blue by restricting production during winter period    Sep 30 2017
·Xiangtan Steel performs routine maintenance programme on bar rolling lines     Sep 30 2017
·Ma'anshan Steel to resume production of a 2500m3 BF after five-month maintenance    Sep 30 2017
·Brazil Secretariat of Foreign Trade issues affirmative preliminary countervailing duty determination on Imports of HR steel plates from China    Sep 30 2017
·Mysteel's update: "China to cancel one third of iron ore mining licenses in the future"    Sep 30 2017
·CISA: China's key steel mills daily crude steel output edges up to 1.86Mt in the first ten days of September    Sep 30 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Sep 29 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price dropped by 20 yuan/tonne     Sep 29 2017
·[Sep 29] Tangshan billet benchmarks decline RMB30/t day-on-day as trading activities cooling down    Sep 29 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price dipped by 30 yuan/tonne     Sep 28 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Sep 28 2017
·[Sep. 28] Northern Chinese cities bring forward winter action plans to combat air pollution, reducing both steel supply and demand    Sep 28 2017
·Zhengzhou City puts forward restrictions on steel & coal production against air pollution    Sep 28 2017
·Hubei Shunle Stainless Steel unveils its capacity replacement programme    Sep 27 2017
·Mysteel: National crude steel output likely to dip 0.22% to 23.65Mt in middle September 2017    Sep 27 2017
·India launches AD probe against straight length bars & rods of alloy steel imports from China    Sep 27 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price increased by 20 yuan/tonne     Sep 27 2017
·Liaoning province shuts down 196 nonstandard coal mines in early September    Sep 27 2017
·Hebei Tangshan Steel and Hubei Jinshenglan start their maintenance programmes    Sep 27 2017
·China first heavy hot-rolled H-beam production line starts construction in Anhui Province    Sep 27 2017
·Sangang Minguang Steel to perform annual maintenance on BF since mid-November     Sep 27 2017
·Shaanxi Province publishes steel enterprises' 2016 energy consumption results    Sep 27 2017
·Handan cuts local blast furnace production by 50%    Sep 27 2017
·Qinyang city ordered all coal enterprises to suspend production for rectification from 18th September    Sep 27 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Sep 27 2017
· [Sep. 27] Tianjin "Zero O'clock Action" significantly reduces local construction steel demand     Sep 27 2017
·Tangshan news update: Tangshan lifted its emergency production restrictions on local iron and steel enterprises from 26th September 2017    Sep 27 2017
·August 2017 crude steel production    Sep 27 2017
·July 2017 crude steel production    Sep 27 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price kept flat at 3500 yuan/tonne     Sep 26 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Sep 26 2017
·[Sep. 26] Construction steel trading volume rebounds across China, but price movements vary depending on regions    Sep 26 2017
·Tangshan municipal government announces plan to upgrade and transform Fengnan district steel industry    Sep 25 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price stood at 3500 yuan/tonne ?    Sep 25 2017
·Xingtai Steel and Delong Steel curbs 50% production in response to winter-heating season    Sep 25 2017
·Essar invests Rs830 crore to double Vizag Port iron ore capacity    Sep 25 2017
·Mysteel conducts survey on progress of construction projects in Hebei Province through local steel traders    Sep 25 2017
·Jiangxi Province announces a second batch of coal mine closures in 2017    Sep 25 2017
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