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Market Express
·Mysteel: China's daily crude steel output expected to have edged 0.08% lower to 2.36Mt in late Sep 2017    Oct 10 2017
·Jiangxi province upwardly adjusts coal de-capacity targets for 2017-2020 period     Oct 10 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price plunged by 60 yuan/tonne     Oct 10 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Oct 10 2017
·[Oct. 10] Northern Chinese cities impose steel production restrictions during winter period    Oct 10 2017
·Sichuan province announces seventh batch of coal mines to be closed in 2017    Oct 10 2017
·Hebei's Wu'an city announces production restrictions on local iron, steel and coke industry    Oct 09 2017
·Hunan province to eliminate all outdated coal capacity by the end of 2018    Oct 09 2017
·Xinzhuang coal mine in Henan province resumes production from 2nd October 2017    Oct 09 2017
·Guangdong province strengthens supervision on substandard steel producers    Oct 09 2017
·China Focus: Party's ever-improving governance gives renewable power to economy    Oct 09 2017
·Daily review: Tangshan billet price slumped by 60 yuan/tonne     Oct 09 2017
·Daily survey: Tangshan billet production cost    Oct 09 2017
·[Oct. 9] Tangshan government will cut power supply to independent steel rolling mills that fail to modify operations    Oct 09 2017
·Port Hedland Iron Ore Exports Rise in September 2017    Oct 09 2017
·Rio Tinto back on track to haul iron ore in driverless trains in 2018    Oct 09 2017
·Gas trucks boom in China as government curbs diesel in war on smog    Oct 09 2017
·Argentina to continue dumping investigation on Chinese steel pipes    Oct 09 2017
·China's steel industry PMI retreats in September    Oct 09 2017
·GCC must take protectionist stance against cheap China steel: Unicoil President    Oct 09 2017
·Summarization of Iron Ore Market in China during the National Day (1-8 Oct. 2017)    Oct 09 2017
·Re-rollers in Tangshan city were ordered to suspend production due to environmental inspections    Oct 02 2017
·Shagang keeps slashing early-October rebar shipment price by 100 yuan/tonne    Oct 01 2017
·Changzhi city to restrict 50% of production in steel enterprises from 1st October 2017     Sep 30 2017
·Linfen steel enterprises implement 50% reduction during winter heating season    Sep 30 2017
·Environmental inspection group launchs a second round of inspection at Tangshan re-rollers    Sep 30 2017
·Xi'an municipal government issues detailed work program to curb pollutant sources    Sep 30 2017
·CISA: China's key steel mills daily crude steel output slips 0.92% to 1.85Mt in mid-September 2017    Sep 30 2017
·Egypt imposes temporary two-month tariffs on steel bar/coil/skewer imports from China    Sep 30 2017
·Tangshan City meets annual target to cut 10.06Mt steel capacity by late September 2017    Sep 30 2017
·Mysteel analysis & forecast on steel production in Xuzhou under restriction programme against air pollution    Sep 30 2017
·Mysteel's update: "China to cancel one third of iron ore mining licenses in the future"    Sep 30 2017
·Liupanshui city performed an inspection at its first batch of closed coal mines     Sep 30 2017
·Langfang releases an order to suspend urban construction and demolition from 15th October 2017    Sep 30 2017
·Construction steel arrivals in southern China from northern steel mills records 1.13Mt in Sep    Sep 30 2017
·Laiwu Steel Group sells Laiwu Steel Xinjiang Company for RMB3.294 bln    Sep 30 2017
·Hechi city shuts 24 coal mines, cuts 2.88Mt of overcapacity    Sep 30 2017
·Taiyuan imposes detailed restrictive measures on steel industry during winter heating season    Sep 30 2017
·Chengde New Material stainless steel rolling line likely to come on stream in December 2017    Sep 30 2017
·Sichuan Province publishes steel enterprises' 2017 energy consumption results    Sep 30 2017
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