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Mysteel weekly survey of construction steel inventory: December 30,2016- January 6, 2017
Jan 10, 2017  21:19:39
Abstraction: January used to be offseason of steel consumption as the operation rate of construction site was declining, triggered by approaching Chinese spring festival. Downstream demand of real estate was shrinking as China spared no efforts to regulate the property industry and curb property bubble. The average price of rebar and wire rod declined drastically. The weekly utilization rate of rebar and wire rod was declining, triggered by sluggish production of steel mills that are caused by fewer shipments, rising stockpiles and environment protection policy.
Core conclusions 1) This week, the capacity utilization rate of the 139 construction steel mills we surveyed declined in terms of rebar and wire rods. In detail, the registered weekly rebar capacity was 4.5617 million tonnes, and the actual rebar production was 2.7046 million tonnes, down by 102,200 tonnes, and the capacity...

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